Inspection Reporting


Lighting Inspections
AMP will conduct scheduled or requested lighting inspections to assess the operation of all fixtures (including nighttime operation). Identify bulbs for replacement, fixtures in need of repair, lighting timers/controllers with programming or mechanical problems, and reporting findings to the property manager/owner.

Roof Inspections
Assess roofs for any issues and report findings to the property manager/owner. Particular attention to HVAC units (condensate lines, rust, damage, etc.), roof drains (including testing each drain), signs of vandalism, roof vents (sewer, dryer, etc.), and debris, which AMP can remove as requested.

Property Inspections
Inspection of the property focused on damage or items in need of immediate attention, reading meters for owners, inspecting all signage for missing or defaced signs, identifying safety hazards (pot holes, open covers & panels, exposed wiring, etc.)

Other inspection services as requested