Scheduled Property Maintenance


Day Portering
Keep your property looking great with AMP day portering services. Our team of porters will walk your entire property to remove litter, empty all trash receptacles, clear ash urns, sweep sidewalks, dust window sills, remove cobwebs, and report any observed issues to the property manager/owner.

Window Washing
Keep your windows sparkling and clear with our window washing solutions. We offer regularly scheduled window washing to suit your unique needs. We also accommodate any special requests for window washing service.

Air Filter Changes
Take the hassle out of your HVAC maintenance by having AMP keep track of your air filter sizes, locations, and frequency of replacement. We source and supply all filters to keep things simple for you.

Roof Cleaning
Remove leaves, dirt, bird droppings, and other undesired items from your roofs. Improve you roof’s drainage and reduce weight on the roof.

Special Services as Requested